Massage Techniques

Deep Tissue

This is meant to reach deep into your muscles and break up the fibers that clump tightly together to form "knots". I use several effective techniques that apply just the right amount of compression and friction along the grain of the muscle. These techniques are especially good for treating muscle damage due to an injury such as whiplash or back strain, and they help release toxins and break patterns of tension. Deep tissue manipulation decreases your muscles' sensitivity to the demands of everyday stress.


This technique will prevent athletic injury, relieve swelling, fatigue and muscle tension, increase flexibility and help enhance athletic performance. I usually combine deep tissue therapy and unique stretches. This is a popular favorite among bikers and runners.

Trigger Point

Many aches, pains, and symptoms are caused by trigger points in muscles. A trigger point is a small muscle spasm that refers pain elsewhere. This displaced pain can be very confusing, but with my training I can help isolate the root of your pain and help to effectively release tension as well as improve your muscular function.

Rotator Cuff & Shoulder Dysfunction

My techniques in this session include myofascial release, soft tissue manipulation and trigger point release. I am able to confidently determine the contributing factors to your rotator cuff injury. I then apply an effective treatment procedure to reduce the painful symptoms and limitations of rotator cuff dysfunction.

Sciatica & Lower Back Pain

Sciatica is a general term for pain originating from the sciatic nerve, which is the longest nerve in the body. Sciatic nerve pain travels from the buttock, down the back of the thigh, and into the leg. It is caused by compression from the spine on the sciatic nerve roots. Massage can greatly help or totally relieve this pain with just a few therapeutic sessions.

Hot Stone

Hot stone massage makes use of heated, smooth, flat stones that are moved around with light pressure and gentle glide. The stones are made of basalt (lava rock), a type of rock that is rich in iron, so they retain heat. The way I incorporate the hot stones into my massage not only feels great, but also softens and loosens your dense muscle tissue.


Relaxation massage techniques include effleurage (stroking); petrissage (muscles are lightly grabbed and lifted); friction (thumbs and fingertips work in deep circles into the thickest part of muscles; tapotement (chopping, beating, and tapping strokes); and vibration (fingers are pressed or flattened firmly on a muscle, then the area is shaken rapidly for a few seconds). These types of massage produce an overwhelming sense of well-being, stress reduction, reduced levels of anxiety, and increased circulation in the body.


Aromatherapy means "treatment using scents". When inhaled, they work on the brain and nervous system through stimulation of the olfactory nerves. As you breathe the scents, your brain releases chemicals that communicate with your nervous system to assist you into a state of relaxation. Essential oils add a soothing touch to the massage.